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Eric Holloway: The Turing test is unscientific

Holloway: This test for intelligence, the Turing Test, was invented by and named after the mid-twentieth century computer pioneer Alan Turing. It is a subjective test in that it depends on whether an artificial intelligence is capable of convincing human testers that it is a human. But fooling humans, while impressive, is not really the same thing as actually possessing human-level intelligence.

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“The whole nine yards” cough-sneeze game . . . is 6 ft social distance enough?

Yes, it is gross but necessary. Sorry in advance. The question of social distance is back on the table, at least according to the UK’s Daily Mail (reporting today on Dr Fauci’s nuanced answer to a question . . . and no, this isn’t Babylon Bee spoofing on April Fool’s Day): Illustrating, i/l/o a 2014 Read More…

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MIT is testing an emergency, US$100 ventilator (regular ones cost up to US$ 50k)

As MIT suggests, Almost every bed in a hospital has a manual resuscitator (Ambu-Bag) nearby, available in the event of a rapid response or code where healthcare workers maintain oxygenation by squeezing the bag. Automating this appears to be the simplest strategy that satisfies the need for low-cost mechanical ventilation, with the ability to be Read More…

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Michael Egnor: Jeffrey Shallit, a computer scientist, doesn’t know how computers work

Egnor: It’s remarkable that Dr. Shallit—a professor of computer science—doesn’t understand computation. Materialism is a kind of intellectual disability that afflicts even the well-educated. To put it simply, machines don’t and can’t think. Dr. Shallit’s wristwatch doesn’t know what time it is.

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Hydroxychloroquine wars, 5: The China tests (and report, Feb. 18)–U/D: FDA Emergency Use Authorisation announced . . .

Now that France has approved Hydroxychloroquine after Prof Raoult’s second test, it is helpful to go back and roll the tape. We need to understand why we are where we are now, over a month after China — which, unsurprisingly, did a lot of the early work on Covid-19 that we are all relying on Read More…