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Why is Seeing the Glaringly Obvious So Hard?

Yesterday I had an exchange with Seversky that illustrates something I have observed countless times over the years.  Materialists have a blind spot regarding how their own arguments undermine, well, their own arguments.  Here is the exchange: Johnnyb wrote: The reason for this is the precise theorem that Hoffman states – in evolutionary competition, fitness […]

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Researchers: How butterflies develop the same wing color via different paths “forever changes the way evolution is understood.”

Riccardo Papa, co-author and professor at the University of Puerto Rico: “Distinct species with identical wing-color patterns, such as co-mimetic butterflies, can evolve using different molecular strategies. Imagine the same notes played on different instruments!” We CAN imagine it. It is called intelligent design. The melody is an idea and it can be iterated on different instruments. Thanks for listening.

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Researchers: Evolution is not “survival of the fittest”

“However, less-fit lineages also routinely leapfrog over strains of higher fitness. Our results demonstrate that this combination of factors, which is not accounted for in existing models of evolutionary dynamics, is critical in determining the rate, predictability and molecular basis of adaptation.” If Darwinism mattered the way it used to, this would be heresy.

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Interview with Berlinski on “Human Nature”

In a couple of prior posts, here and here, we mentioned David Berlinksi’s new book Human Nature.  Here’s a podcast of Berlinksi being interviewed by Jonathan Witt, regarding the book.    On this episode of ID the Future, philosopher, mathematician, and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow David Berlinski answers questions from Jonathan Witt about Berlinski’s celebrated […]